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This website is an extension of the forerunning orbs groups

I fact it is the same group, but for reasons changed URL's


For visiting the discussion group, and see all messages, just go to:

For Photos of this group just click the link below:

Files 0000 - 4275

Files 4276 and up

This site will be updated daily


For previous groups just scroll down





The Silent Wonders of nature Photos

Click on the links below, to enter the pages.


Files 0000 and up

Unfortunately the yahoo group Orbs around the world, doesn't exist anymore.
The photos are still available though


Orbs around the world photos

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Files 0000 and up


Universal-Orbs group photos


Files 0000 - 3072

Files 3073 - 7185

Files 7189 - 11473

Files 11503 - 13813

Files 13814 and up


forerunning Orbs research group Photos

Click on the link above to see the photos


About use of photo's and articles

How to resize and attach pictures to mail

Easy to use free photomaniging program, and brief manual

Where do most of our members live (World map)

Conversion tables measures, sizes, temperture

  Our 5th anniversary




award.JPG (48035 bytes)



Herewith I give
this Yahoogroup
a Gold Award
All members of the
group deserve it
We all together make the
group but thanks for all
your activities and comments
about ORBS and other phenomeans
Greetings from Annette



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